Altar Guild

The Altar Guild serves to create a conducive environment for worship through symbols; candles, flowers, banners, paraments, communion ware, linens, etc. This is not only to decorate, but also to make worship more meaningful. The Chancel area of the church is this group’s primary responsibility. They meet as needed.

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Current Altar Guild

Church Board

The Church Board consists of the Chairs of all the church Boards and Committees. They come together on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm to update each other on their activities and to set policy.

Current Church Board

Education Board

Members of the Education Board meet the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm. Together with the Youth and Family Ministry Director and Pastors, they chart the course for our children’s Christian education.

Current Education Board

Elders Board

Elders are men elected by the Voters of St. Johns to nurture the spiritual development of the members of the church. They assist the pastors with worship services and with visits to members of the church. Their meeting time is the first Monday of the month at 7:00 pm.

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Current Board of Elders

Evangelism Board

The Evangelism Board is the outreach arm of the church. They generally meet on the third Monday of the month at 7:00 pm. Their mission is to ensure that the greater Buffalo community is informed about the activities and opportunities offered here at St. John’s. We want to be sure everyone feels welcomed here and has the chance to hear about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Current Evangelism Board

Fellowship Board

They seek to provide members and friends of all ages an opportunity for Christian fellowship. The Fellowship Board plans activities suitable for everyone, including; outings to plays, ball games and even trips. They also host the annual church picnic and congregational dinners to provide ways for people to interact with one another and feel a sense of “family” here at St. John’s

Current Fellowship Board

Health Cabinet

This group is concerned with the health needs of the congregation, addressing those needs, and supporting health efforts in the church and community. They generally meet on the last Tuesday of the month at 8:00 pm. Project Compassion is a committee of the Health Cabinet that looks after the needs of our home-bound and hospitalized members. (Please see Compassion under “Our Ministries” by clicking here.)

Current Health Cabinet Members

Library Board

The Library Board purchases books for the library and oversees its regular operation. They also work to raise funds to purchase books, supplies and equipment for the library through activities such as a book sale, cookie sale, and other endeavors. They currently meet as needed.

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Current Library Board

Memorials/Endowments/Investment Committee

This committee keeps track of donations and memorials given to St. John’s, sets up endowments, invests money being held, oversees scholarship distributions and sees that money is spent as it is intended. They meet on an as-needed basis.

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Current Memorials/Endowments/Investment Committee

Missions Committee

The Missions Committee receives the requests for donations sent to us from other entities. The make the recommendations as to what charities St. John’s mission money will go toward. They also meet as needed.

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Current Mission Committee

Stewardship Committee

This committee sets up a recommended budget for the voters of the church to approve each year. They keep an eye on our income vs. expenses and report to the Church Board for their action.

Trustees Board

This board coordinates the operations and maintenance of the physical church and its equipment and furnishings.

Current Board of Trustees

Women in Mission

Please see Women in Mission under “Adult Enrichment” by clicking here.

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Current Women in Mission

Worship Team

This group consists of leaders from music ministry, altar guild, decorating, and the pastors. They plan and coordinate the many aspects of a worship service in order to create a meaningful worship experience for everyone.

Current Worship Team

Youth & Family Ministry Board

This board is responsible for nurturing the christian growth of children from 3-years to Senior High. They also serve to provide enriching fun times for the kids to build lasting bonds with each other and the adults of the church. The third aspect of the board is to provide support, enrichment and fun for families. We want to strengthen families and help everyone grow.

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Current Youth & Family Ministry Board

Committee and Board Members

Board of Elders

Dave Haggerty, Head Elder (612-309-6609)

Tracey Anderson (612-210-2499)

Derrick Annis (763-286-3695)

Kyle Bjork (763-464-9435)

Jack Harlan (763-242-8708)

Peter March (763-682-4357)

Todd Peter (763-482-9370)

Ryan Rutten (651-283-2552)

Tony Sabraski (651-248-4718)

Mark Saunders (763-226-5638)

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Board of Trustees

Stan Meyer, Chair 612-743-1287

Ryan Bode
Howard Bremmer
Carol Cook (recorder)
Scott Geary
Brian Kenmir
Gene Lambert
Don Lardy
Jim Marty
Mike Mueller
Scott Spadgenske

Lonnie Thornton

Lisa Walters

Jeff Wheeler
Jerome Winterfeldt

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Board of Evangelism
Roger Strege, Chair
Kathryn Elsen
Janice Marschel
Chris Ryan

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Education Board
Sheree Rosine (Cradle Roll)
Karen Spaude

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Youth & Family Ministry Board

Chris Ryan, Chair
Kyle & Elizabeth Bjork
Paul & Debbie Henning
Chris & Catherine Ryan
Tony & Teresa Sabraski

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Fellowship Board
Marti & Lee Ryan, Chairs
Jess Anderson
Bill & Shirley Elletson
Gary & Becky Randt
Lisa Walters
Lonnie & Jerdis Thorton
Scott & Kim Spadgenske
Janet Ziedler

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Memorial /Investment Comm.
Janice Marschel, Chair
Herb Neske
Ron Uecker

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Mission Committee
Janice Marschel

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Women in Mission (LWML)

Mary Bremmer, Chair
Ruth Jans, Co-Chair
Lillian Kent, Treasurer
Beth Husom, Secretary
Vicky Endreson, Cheer Committee

Country Fair Committee:
Connie Boonstra
Clarine Meyer
Mary Bremmer

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Worship Team

Suzy Strege (Decorating)
Marilyn Kostick

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Project Compassion/Health Cabinet

Sandi Baert, Chair (Parish Nurse)
Vicky Endreson
Helen Klemz
Kathy Klemz
Dorothy & Karen Ladda
Jill Marketon
Janice Marschel
Pat Norine
Cheryl Olsen
Lynnette Smith
Karen Spaude

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Altar Guild
Dorothy Bowman, Chair
Shirley Elletson
Karen Jans
Ginger Klatt
Karen Ladda
Mary Jo Lambert
Lori Lepinski
Becky Randt
Betty Salonek

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Library Group
Cheryl Olsen
Sue Schleif

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Music Leaders
Sandi Baert (Organist)
Linda Taylor (Organist)
Katherine Clark (Worship Choir)
Ashley Elsen (Handbells)
Kelly Thole (Kid’s Choir)

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Church Board
Bill Morris- Chairman of the Congregation
Roger Strege – Vice-Chairman
Cheryl Olsen – Board Secretary
Jim Chapa – Treasurer
Denise Saunders – Financial Secretary

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