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April 9th ( Palm Sunday)


Preschool– 4th grade

At The Great Surprise, kids and their  families will experience hands-on fun with a variety of surprising activities. Through these WOW  experiences,   everyone discovers the amazing surprise that  Jesus is alive!   Want to know more or volunteer today? Contact Kelly @ 763-682-1883


Faith Milestones

Faith Milestones are all about helping children, families and adults see God in their everyday!  We take common events or moments in our life and the lives of our children to celebrate and ask God to bless them, guide them and be with them.  We hope to equip and encourage our families to see that God is more than just something we do on Sunday, but that God  of our everyday.  No matter if we are celebrating the beginning of school, learning something new or welcoming them into the family of God…all these moments are God moments.

 First Faith Stepsbaby1

When: March 12th, 19th & 26th

Who: Parents and Children birth-3 years old

Time: 9:30am -10:10am (Sunday School Hour)

Where: St. Johns Nursery

What:  A parent & child Sunday school class for children birth-3 year’s old.  Join other parents as you and your child sing songs and actively experience bible stories. We hope to help you network with other parents, and equip you with tools and tips to bring the faith home.

We hope you join us today!

Questions?  Contact Kelly @ 763-682-1883


Other upcoming Faith Milestones…