God is calling us to be people of Passionate Faith!

Your faith becomes more passionate as you experience the grace and love of Jesus Christ and allow the Spirit to move freely in your life. God wants to make His Word accessible and relevant to you and people of all ages, so you can express your faith in the midst of real life and the real challenges that come your way.

God is calling us to live together in a Healthy Community!

We are all wired for relationships. So your life becomes more fulfilling as you commit to connecting with God, connecting with God’s people, and bringing Jesus to God’s world. St. John’s is a safe place where you can grow with others in trusting and transparent relationships. We will honor each other as we become a web of interconnected leaders and communities.

God is calling us to become Empowered Disciples!
God will help you discover and be released in your unique strengths and calling. And you are not alone. We can encourage and hold one another accountable, and we can partner with others—our school, other churches, and others in our community—in advancing God’s Kingdom movement. As in the past, we will find new ways to bring Christ to our community and world!
St. John’s Lutheran Church is a member congregation of The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod.