Grow Cold

Pastor Ryan Clark   -  

Well, it is November, and it is beginning to get a little cold!  For me and my family, sitting outside watching football games is a little less comfortable!  “Layers” is a word I’ve said and heard a lot more in the last few weeks.  And thinking about how cold it is getting reminded me of a couple of verses in Matthew 24.  Here Jesus is talking about the signs of the end of time and His return and He says, “12 Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold13 but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.”

In the last days, wickedness will be everywhere.  It will be so overwhelming that “the love of most will grow cold.”  Do you see and feel that?  I certainly do!  Because of the last couple of years, many people are living in an increased level of stress all the time.  People have short fuses, and that leads to increased anger and bitterness.  Has it affected you?  I think, if we are honest, it has affected all of us!  But, as the saying goes, “as the dark gets darker, the light shines brighter!”  This is our moment as Christians to shine with Christ’s light!  When you feel the stress, anger, and bitterness making its way into your soul, ask God for forgiveness for yourself and others, receive that forgiveness, and ask the Holy Spirit to keep your love from getting cold.  Our light has the potential to change lives now more than at any point in our lifetimes!  Go shine!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Clark

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