Ministries of Compassion

Jesus modeled a life of mercy and compassion, and as we follow His example, the lives we touch are touched by God and our lives are filled with purpose and power. If you’re interested in any of these ministries or to start something new, contact the church office at 763-682-1883. Here’s a list of just a few service opportunities we have available here at St. John’s.


MOSES (Members Offering Service to Elderly and Singles)

We help our church family with small projects that are easy and fun for some of us but tough for others. So far 70 members have signed up to help. All St. John’s members can be both MOSES volunteers and request assistance, regardless of age and marital status. Since its inception, MOSES has been a great success.

Here is a sample of duties:

  • Housework, including cleaning, floors, and laundry, and outdoor cleaning jobs
  • Yardwork, including mowing, snow removal, gardening, and stick and leaf removal
  • Small maintenance and house projects, such as changing lightbulbs
  • Post office runs, and help with UPS and FedEx boxes/packing and unpacking
  • Grocery store trips, and rides to medical appointments and church
  • Professional services, such as legal, real estate, computer, auto repair, massage, sewing
  • Meal after surgery or bereavement
  • Companionship, reading, fishing buddy, visiting, berry picking, and phone calls

Our members have a wide array of strengths and are ready, willing and eager to use them. If you are a St. John’s member with any need, even one not listed above, call the church office (763.682.1883 to get connected to the MOSES team. They will try to find a suitable member match.

Want to SERVE with MOSES?  Download the form below and return to Katherine Clark.

Project Compassion
Project Compassion

This committee of St. John’s members attend to the needs of our homebound members and those that are suffering in mind, body or spirit. The offer visits, cards, prayer shawls, and more.

Women in Mission
Women in Mission

Their main project is the Country Fair in November which raises funds for a variety of mission and charitable organizations. They also sponsor in-gatherings of items needed by other service groups.

Sewing Circle
Sewing Circle

This group of men and women create quilts to be given to inner-city missions or to sell to raise funds for other mission projects.

Buffalo Food Shelf
Buffalo Food Shelf

St. John’s members gather food, raise money and volunteer to support the Buffalo Food Shelf.

Love INC – Big Woods
Love INC – Big Woods

St. John’s is one of a group of churches that support Love In the Name of Christ located here in Buffalo. This organization serves as a resource for education and support for struggling families in the Buffalo, Maple Lake and Hanover area.

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