Women’s Book Club Summer Session Begins

June 5 5:30 pm  |  St John's Gathering Place - Room 208

302 2nd St NE, Buffalo, MN, USA

From the Publisher:

Do you ever feel like Jesus couldn’t possibly know what you are going through? He’s the God of the universe after all! Does he really know your daily struggles? The good news is: he does.

For thirty-three years Jesus felt everything you have ever felt: weakness, weariness, sadness, rejection. His feet got tired and his head ached. He was tempted and his strength was tested. And you know why? Because in becoming human, Jesus made it possible for us to see God. His tears, God’s tears. His voice, God’s voice. Want to know what matters to God? Find out what matters to Jesus. Want to know what in the world God is doing? Ponder the words and life of Jesus.

Max writes, “Don’t settle for a cursory glance or a superficial understanding. Look long into the heart of Christ and you’ll see it. Grace and life. Forgiveness of sin. The defeat of death. This is the hope he gives.”

The group will meet on Wednesdays at 5:30 PM in Room 208 – The Gathering Place STARTING June 5th and will be facilitated by Sherry Jones.   Enter at Door 3 or 4 from the back parking lot. 

Book is $10.  Register using the button below.